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Reusable Tissue Pack

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Take your hankies on-the-go in the most organized and sanitary way!

Have you made the switch to reusable tissues (a.k.a. handkerchiefs), but are struggling with how to take them on-the-go (and back when they're soiled)? This reusable tissue pack is the perfect solution!

Each pack comes with 6 organic cotton reusable tissues and a silicone travel pack with a divider to separate clean from dirty!

The organic cotton reusable tissues are the perfect thickness and softness and can help you ditch paper tissues for good! And the silicone case allows you to dispense clean tissues from the bottom, and stuff soiled tissues into the top. There's even a divider to keep the clean ones separate from the dirty!

Need some extra tissues? Snag a Tissue Refill Pack!

Ingredients + Materials

Care Instructions

Machine-wash used tissues at 140°F / 60°C loose or in a mesh laundry bag. Rinse or wash the food grade silicone case in the dishwasher. The 6 tissues can be washed up to 520 times, and can help eliminate 3,100+ single-use tissues.


This item comes in a recyclable paper box.

End of Life

The paper box can be recycled. The silicone case can be recycled with silicone recycling. The cotton handkerchiefs can be recycled with textile recycling or composted.