Welcome to The Zero(ish) Co., a zero waste store and refillery located in Minneapolis, MN! 

At Zero(ish), our mission is to help everyone make a positive impact on the Earth in ways that fit your unique lifestyle by offering products that are ethical, practical, and sustainable.

We know that sustainable and zero waste living looks different for everybody depending on your unique lifestyle. And that’s okay!

We are here to provide you with products, tools, resources, tips, and tricks to help you live a healthier, lower waste lifestyle to improve the health of your body and the planet! All our products are vetted to ensure they are ethically made and sourced, have a practical application in a sustainable lifestyle, and most of all, are good for you and good for the planet.

Where We Started...

Zero(ish) was started as a blog in 2017 with the goal to help regular people and families begin living a lifestyle that improves the health of the planet and themselves. We saw at the time that there was a lack of representation in the zero waste world for parents and regular, busy people who couldn’t realistically adjust their lifestyle enough to fit all their trash for a year (or more) into a mason jar. While being zero waste is an admirable goal, we know it’s not realistic for most of us! 

But we also know that you can want to help the planet, and live a very sustainable lifestyle, without going to the extreme of creating absolutely zero trash. Hence the name Zero(ish)!

We aimed to give people the tips and tools to make positive changes within their means, without the pressure of achieving the “perfect” zero waste lifestyle (because, let’s be honest, most of us don’t have time for that!).

Where We're Going...

The goals remain the same, but we wanted to do more. After years of experience in the zero waste world and trying lots of eco-friendly and plastic-free products, we wanted to make the sustainable and zero waste products we loved easily accessible to everyone!

Our SW Minneapolis storefront closed in July 2023 and we made the decision to move to an online model. We still offer most of the same amazing eco-friendly products and hope you will continue to shop sustainably with us!

We are excited to offer our favorite products from some AMAZING companies that have helped us and many others live healthier and more sustainably. Our focus lies on not only reducing the plastic and wasted material used in each item, but also ensuring that the ingredients used are safer for your bodies and the environment, and that the products and materials are ethically made and sourced. We want the products we carry to have a positive impact in EVERY way, not just in your trash output!

Each product we carry goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet our standards of sustainability, including: material makeup, end of life destination, upstream and downstream waste reduction, ethical production processes, health benefits, and more. We only carry products that are good for you AND the planet!

Check out our shop for products to help you live more sustainably! And as always, our blog is still here to offer you tons of zero waste tips and tricks.