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Albatross Shaves

Razor Blades

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Pack of 10 stainless steel replacement razors to be used with our plastic-free safety razors.

In general, we estimate each blade lasting for about 5 shaves; however, this is highly dependent on the density and thickness of whatever is being shaved, be it a grizzly beard or very fine leg hair.

With that said, we use the following guidelines for reference:

Low Shaving Frequency (1 or 2X per week):  3 Blade Packs per Year

Medium Shaving Frequency (2 - 4X per week): 4 -5 Blade Packs per Year

High Shaving Frequency (5 -7X per week):  7 -10 Blade Packs per Year

End of Life: Please recycle or compost the paper box and wrappers. For the blade, see below for recycling info.

Albatross Blade Take Back Info:

All Albatross razor sets come with 10 free blades and an envelope you can use to collect your used blades in. The used blades (from other brands, too!) can then be sent back to Albatross at:

Albatross Designs

PO Box 2254

Berkeley, CA 94702

They ask that you put a maximum of 4 blade packs (40 Blades) in each envelope. 

You can also return them to our shop at 50th & Penn if you are local!

The Albatross Blade Take Back Program was the world's first shaving Take Back program and represents years of hard work to create a totally closed loop production cycle. They aim to make new (non-razor) products with the Take Back metal that have other direct environmental benefits; They don't just recycle, they upcycle! The key to all of these efforts is having enough blades to scale to our goals, so please participate!

Packaging: This item comes in a paper box that can be recycled or composted.

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