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Me Mother Earth

Plastic-Free Hair Ties

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No more hair ties in the landfill, and you don't have to worry if you lose one (because it happens to all of us)!

Did you know that standard hair ties are completely made of plastic? And considering how often we lose or break them, that's a LOT of waste. These plastic free compostable hair ties solve that problem!

Made from cotton (dyed with natural dyes) and natural rubber makes them completely biodegradable!

Pack of 20 plastic-free hair ties.


Need a little stronger hold out of your hair ties? Try these super strong Organic Biodegradable Hair Ties that are equally as planet-friendly, but thicker!

Ingredients + Materials

100% Cotton and Natural Rubber.

Care Instructions


This item comes with a 100% recycled paper tab. Please recycle or compost it.

End of Life

Please recycle or compost the paper tab. Compost the hair ties at the end of life.