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Plastic Free Cat Brush

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Keep your favorite feline's mane in tip-top condition with our plastic-free cat brush!

Purr-fect for removing mats, tangles, or extra fur from your cat or kitten. The flexible wire bristles are gentle and prevent excessive pulling, while efficiently grooming your furr-baby's coat.

Made from bamboo, natural rubber, and stainless steel, it is the perfect addition to your zero waste pet care routine. Suitable for all cat breeds and some longer haired dog breeds.

Ingredients + Materials

Stainless steel bristles, natural rubber pad, and a bamboo handle.

Care Instructions

Store in a dry place and allow to thoroughly dry between uses.


This item comes completely package free.

End of Life

The metal bristles should be removed and can be recycled with metal recycling. The bamboo handle and rubber pad can be composted.