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Natural Toothpaste

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Clean those pearly whites with toothpaste that is good for your health and friendly to the planet!

This fluoride-free, natural toothpaste whitens teeth, fights plaque, and freshens breath with high performance, safe ingredients. Each tube of is carefully crafted using ingredients that are naturally sourced + naturally derived. This means premium natural ingredients that are EWG VERIFIED, No fluoride, No sulfates, No artificial sweeteners, No colors, No preservatives. Proudly made in the USA.

Packaging: This product comes in a recyclable metal tube and cardboard box.

End of Life: Recycle the carboard box with paper recycling. When the product runs out, slice the aluminum tube and rinse out the inside, and recycle the tube and metal key with metal recycling. Recycle the plastic cap with plastic recycling.

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End of Life