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Me Mother Earth

Lava Pumice Stone on Cotton String

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No need for plastic tools to get the perfect pedicure when 100% natural lava pumice stone will do! The porous and textured nature of lava pumice stones make them the perfect gently abrasive tool to scrub and smooth rough heels and callouses.

Don't need to scrub your feet? Pumice stones can also be used as lint removers (swipe gently!) or to scrub away built up grime around the kitchen and bathroom!

How to Use on Feet: Soak feet for a few minutes or use after a shower when skin is soft. Wet stone and scrub rough areas for a few minutes with light pressure. Focus on heels, sides of your toes, and other areas where dry skin or callouses tend to build up. Moisturize your feet after use.

Size: Approximately 3" x 4"

Due to the nature of natural stone, the size, shape,color, and texture of each pumice stone will vary slightly.

Ingredients + Materials

Made from a solid piece of natural lava stone with a cotton string for hanging.

Care Instructions

Rinse stone thoroughly after use and hang to dry. You may also soak in boiling water or vinegar to sanitize. With proper care, this pumice stone will last a very long time!


Each pumice stone is wrapped in a kraft paper pouch.

End of Life

The paper pouch can be recycled or composted. The pumice stone and string can be composted at the end of life.