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Insulated Locking Travel Mug

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Multi-purpose, heavy duty, and leak-proof! Could it be the perfect travel mug?! We think so! This unique travel mug not only keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours, but it has a locking lid that ensures it won't leak or spill if dropped or tossed in your bag. It also features a metal strainer to keep loose-leaf tea, fruit infusions, or even ice out of your mouth while drinking!

This stainless steel mug is designed for one-handed use, with a push button that opens the top, and a lock to keep your drink leak-free. Choosing a reusable tumbler cuts down on single-use plastic consumption. Keep it in your car cup holder or toss it into a tote and bring it to yoga class, on the trails, or to work to stay healthily hydrated throughout the day.

Available in 16 oz and 20 oz sizes.

Keeps drinks cold up to 36 hours and hot up to 8 hours.

Packaging: This item comes completely package-free.

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