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Brooklyn Made Natural

Extra Long Cedar Wood Soap Deck

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Is your shower ledge juggling too many soap dishes? This XL cedar wood soap dish can comfortably hold at least 3-4 bars at once - perfect for a shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and a facial or shave bar!

This XL cedar soap dish is handmade from one solid piece of cedar wood and is designed to quickly drain water off soaps, helping them to dry out and last longer. The single-piece design with no nails or glue ensures that it won't come apart after years of use. 

Dimensions: 3" x 0.75" x 13"

Made in the USA.

Ingredients + Materials

Untreated cedar wood.

Care Instructions

Soap deck can be cleaned with water and air dried. Store in a well-drained area.


This item comes completely package-free.

End of Life

This item can be composted at the end of its life.