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Simple Ecology

Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

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Never use a flimsy plastic produce bag from the grocery store again! These sturdy 100% organic cotton mesh produce bags are reusable over and over again for all your grocery shopping needs!

Reusable mesh produce bags are excellent for avoiding excess waste on your grocery shopping trips! Perfect for any produce from apples to bulk mushrooms to a head of lettuce, and for larger items from the bulk section like dried fruits and pasta. Once home, certain items can be stored in the bags or you can transfer the food to a container and reuse the bag on your next shopping trip!

For your convenience, a tag labeled with the tare weight (in lbs, oz, and g) is sewn right in making checkout easy---just subtract the bag weight from the total.

Available in 5 sizes: X-Small (6 x 9 in.), Small (8 x 10 in.), Medium (10 x 12 in.), Large (12 x 15 in.) & X-Large (14 x 18 in.)

Ingredients + Materials

Made from 100% (GOTS) certified organic cotton muslin fabric with a cotton drawstring closure.

Care Instructions

Machine washable, tumble dry low. Bags may shrink a bit in the dryer, but they will stretch bag to full capacity when used again.


This item comes completely package-free.

End of Life

The produce bags can be composted or recycled with textile recycling at the end of life.