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Bamboo Switch

Compostable Bamboo Cotton Swabs

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Cotton swabs with plastic sticks are a huge source of ocean and waterway pollution. These 100% compostable bamboo cotton swabs prevent that!

These swabs are super soft and absorbent for your skin care routine, touching up nail polish, cleaning electronics and delicate baby care. Also useful for crafts, hobbies & travel.

Made from natural cotton and MOSO bamboo (not the kind pandas eat) that can grow up to 91 cm per day, making it way more renewable than standard hardwood trees.

Each pack contains 200 swabs.


Ingredients + Materials

Cotton and MOSO bamboo (not the kind pandas eat).

Care Instructions


This item comes in a paper box.

End of Life

These swabs can be composted at the end of life. The box can be recycled or composted.