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Me Mother Earth

Biodegradable Charcoal Floss Picks

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If you want to love compostable floss, but still prefer the pick, these compostable floss picks are the perfect solution! Made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch PLA and bamboo floss, these floss picks combine function with eco-friendliness.

Size: Box of 50 floss picks

Ingredients + Materials

Floss Made From: Bamboo Charcoal Fiber, Vegan Candelilla Wax, and Peppermint Essential Oil.
Pick Made From: Cornstarch PLA.

Care Instructions


The floss picks are packed in a sealed compostable pouch and a paperboard box.

End of Life

The floss picks can be composted at the end of life. The box can be recycled or composted and the pouch can be composted.