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Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Hair Brush - Kids or Travel Size

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The perfect sized plastic-free hair brush for kids and/or for traveling! Small enough for little hands or tossing in a bag, but large enough to work well on any length hair. Best of all, it's made with all natural materials and is completely compostable!

This small bamboo brush is a great zero waste alternative to hairbrushes made with synthetic materials. It has a natural and luxurious feel, and functions exactly like conventional hairbrushes, but without the plastic!

  • Brush pins are pure bamboo
  • Cushion base is natural rubber
  • Handle is smooth beechwood


Ingredients + Materials

Brush pins are pure bamboo. Cushion base is natural rubber. Handle is smooth beechwood.

Care Instructions

The brush is resistant to water damage, but excessive water exposure should be avoided. If the brush becomes wet, wipe dry with a towel. When properly cared for, this hairbrush can last for decades.


The wood hairbrush comes completely package-free.

End of Life

The entire brush can be composted at the end of its life.