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Bamboo Bottle Brush with Cotton Tip

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The perfect brush to get down into jars, water bottles, baby bottles, wine glasses, and more!

This brush will fit into most bottles! The sisal fiber bristles allow you to scrub the sides, while the cotton tip is perfect for getting to the very bottom extra clean.

Ingredients + Materials

Cotton Tip, Sustainable Bamboo Handle, Plant-Based Sisal Fiber Bristles.

Care Instructions

When not in use, hang your bottle brush or store in a way that will allow it to fully dry to extend its useful life.


This cleaning brush comes 100% package-free.

End of Life

With a pliers, untwist the wire to free the sisal bristles and cotton fibers and remove wire from handle. The bamboo handle with string, bristles, and cotton fibers are 100% compostable. The wire can be recycled with metal recycling.