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Zeroish Co.

Zero Waste Skincare Kit

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Care for your skin the natural, waste-free way with our Zero Waste Skincare Kit! This kit includes everything you need to keep the waste out of your daily skincare routine.

Our Zero Waste Skincare Kit is curated with items to pamper your skin, while taking care of Mother Nature. Give the Skincare Kit as a gift or just treat yourself!

Zero Waste Skincare Kit Includes:

  • Peppermint Lip Balm - The perfect plastic-free and all-natural alternative to conventional lip balms to keep lips healthy and moisturized!
  • Vegan Soap Bar - These luxurious, handmade soaps come completely plastic-free and package-free--and they smell so good!
  • Natural Loofah - A completely plant-based and compostable alternative to plastic mesh loofahs/poufs to keep skin healthy and smooth!
  • Lotion Bar - This solid lotion bar harnesses the moisturizing power of Shea butter to leave skin happy while keeping tons of plastic out of the landfill!
  • Blush Silicone Zip Top Bag (34 oz.) - Super flexible and durable alternative to zip-lock bags. Great for food on-the-go, travel toiletry bag, makeup bag, etc.

Packaging: The lip balm comes in a compostable paper tube. The lotion bar comes in a recyclable aluminum tin. The silicone bag comes with a recyclable paper tag. Everything else comes completely package-free.

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