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Viren Apothecary

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bombs

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Make that porcelain throne sparkle without toxic chemicals!

These toilet bombs scented with eucalyptus and mint are the perfect natural alternative to harsh toilet cleaners! Made with simple, yet powerful ingredients, they will clean away grime and disinfect your toilet bowl. They're also completely safe for septic systems!

Instructions for Use: Drop one toilet bomb into your toilet & wait 15-30 mins for the fizzing action to do its job. Then scrub with a brush as normal and flush! Use within six months of purchase for best results.

Ingredients + Materials

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, sodium carbonate (washing soda), corn starch, hydrogen peroxide, sodium olefin sulfonate, chromium oxide green (natural mineral color) & phthalate-free fragrance.

Care Instructions


The pack of 10 comes in a glass jar with a metal lid that can be refilled and reused. The bulk pieces come wrapped in reused packing paper.

End of Life

The glass jar and metal lid can be recycled at the end of life. The paper wrapping for the bulk pieces can be recycled or composted. Any remaining toilet bomb product can be composted at the end of life.