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Yay For Earth

Sensitive Skin Face Lotion

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Moisturize while fighting breakouts and acne with this all natural (and a little magical) face lotion!

This oil-based moisturizer can be used any time of day to soothe, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin! Packed with nature's goodness, each ingredient serves a special purpose and benefit for your skin.

*As this is an oil moisturizer, remember that a little bit goes a long way!

ORGANIC OLIVE OIL - Antioxidant packed including squalene that is the best for fighting free radical damage in the skin. Amazing for balancing sebaceous glands for both oily and dry skin.

ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER - High concentration of fatty acids and vitamins to soften the skin. Has anti-inflammatory and healing properties to condition, tone and soothe the skin. Our shea butter is unique because it is special filtered to remove any naturally occurring latex found in the kernel of the shea nut which can be known to break out skin.

LOCAL BEESWAX - The ultimate anti-inflammatory and encourages wound healing. Protective by forming a barrier between the skin and the environment without clogging pores. High in vitamin A, which can support cell reconstruction. Beeswax also attracts water molecules keeping your skin ultra hydrated and an antibacterial so perfect for the face!

ORGANIC POMEGRANATE SEED OIL - Has high amounts of punicic acid which increases collagen production to fight against skin aging. Oleic Acids improves radiance and a wrinkle fighter. Linoleic Acid is a major skin soother to calm acne prone skin and reduces future breakouts! The perfect medley for a calm, happy, and healthy face! 

Ingredients + Materials

Organic olive oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, and organic pomegranate seed oil.

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


This face lotion comes in a glass jar with a metal lid.

End of Life

Please repurpose the jar, or recycle with similar materials.