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Boba & Vespa

Compostable Cat Waste Bags

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Keeping your kitty companions around just got a little more sustainable! These bags are 100% plastic-free and strong enough to contain feline waste safely and cleanly so you can dispose of it properly.

Made from maize flour and vegetable oil, these compostable cat litter bags contain no harmful plastic, no fossil fuels and are completely landfill safe. They will decompose safely regardless of how you dispose of them.

Extra thick natural materials ensure bags don't leak or tear. Convenient handles allow the bags to be tied up and tossed with no mess.

Each box contains 50 bags, a roughly 6 month supply.

Pro Tip: These also make great bags for your counter top compost bin!

Ingredients + Materials

Maize flour and vegetable oil.

Care Instructions

Store in a dry place.


This item comes completely package-free.

End of Life

This item can be composted at the end of its life.