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Organic Cotton Scrunchies

organic cotton scrunchies
organic biodegradable hair ties

Organic Biodegradable Hair Ties


Organic Biodegradable Hair Ties


Would you believe us if we told you we found the perfect hair ties that hold your ponytail solidly in place, don’t constantly break, and are completely compostable?! Well, we have them for you right here!

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These popular hair ties were the first organic cotton and biodegradable hair ties in the world! But it’s the performance of these creaseless hair elastics that keeps fans coming back. The high quality and durability means you won’t be dealing with constant breakage like with conventional plastic hair ties. Each hair tie is made from natural rubber elastic, wrapped in organic cotton, then sewn together with a cotton tab (no glue!).

Great for thick hair, long hair, kids, athletes and as wristbands.

Each pack includes 5 organic biodegradable hair ties.

Made in a Fair Trade certified facility.

Materials & Care:

  • MATERIAL: 70% GOTS certified Organic Cotton, 30% Natural Rubber
  • DYE: Hand dyed* using GOTS and OEKO-TEX dyes
  • CARE: Wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry

*Hand dyed: Color may run 1st wash. Wash cold with like colors.

Packaging: This item comes with a paper tag that can be recycled or composted.

End of Life: This item is 100% compostable.


Looking for a different type of hair tie? Try these Plastic-Free Compostable Hair Ties that are equally as planet-friendly, but a bit thinner! Or check out these amazingly luxurious Organic Cotton Scrunchies.

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