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double ply unpaper towels

Double Ply Unpaper Towels


Double Ply Unpaper Towels


Double-ply for double the absorbency! Reducing waste isn’t just about plastic–ditching single-use items like paper towels makes a huge difference! These reusable unpaper towels are great replacements for wasteful and expensive paper towels and napkins. Use them over and over again and save thousands of trees in the process.

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These Double Ply Unpaper Towels easily roll up around an empty paper towel roll and naturally cling together to use with a regular paper towel holder. Or just keep them in a basket or drawer wherever you need them!

Perfect for:
-wiping messy hands and faces after meals
-spill clean-up
-washing and drying dishes
-meal time napkins
-splatter shield in the microwave
-lint-free cleaning and dusting

Made from two layers of 100% cotton flannel with serged edges for durability and to prevent fraying.

Set of 5 Double Ply Unpaper Towels.

Dimensions: 10″x10″

Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry or air dry. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as they can decrease absorbency.

Made by hand in Canada by Cheeks Ahoy.

Packaging: This item comes with a paper tag that can be recycled or composted.

End of Life: This item can be composted at the end of its life.

Looking for a thinner option for smaller messes? Try these Single Ply Unpaper Towels!

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