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Are you in need of an eco-friendly gift idea for a special someone in your life? Finding gifts for people can be difficult, period. But then to try and make that gift good for the planet, plastic-free, package-free, recycled, or even just locally made? It can feel downright overwhelming! That’s why I started this list of eco-friendly gift ideas for you (and me) to refer to! I will continue to add to it as new ideas come in, so check it out for some inspiration for that perfect eco-friendly gift idea!

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Let’s be honest. Even after many years of living a zero waste lifestyle, I STILL struggle with eco-friendly gift ideas for other people! Buying gifts for others can be difficult, period. What do they want? What do they already have? Will they even like this thing I picked out for them?

You know the drill.

But then to try and make the gift good for the planet, plastic-free, package-free, recycled, or even just locally made?

I’ve definitely found myself stuck more than a few times.

And I’ve also thought of great ideas for zero waste gifts at times that I didn’t have any occasion to give a gift, only to forget about it later (go figure).

So for your reference (and mine), here is an ever-growing list of eco-friendly, zero waste, plastic-free, package-free, and/or locally made gift ideas!

Eco-friendly Gift List

  1. Lip Balm
  2. Deodorant
  3. Handmade soap
  4. Zero Waste Starter Subscription With One New Eco Product Per Month! (Try MightyFix And Get The First Month For Only $3 With Promo Code MIGHTYNOW)
  5. Vintage Goodies (Shop Local!)
  6. Soy Candle in reusable glass
  7. Candle refill kit
  8. Compostable Phone Case
  1. Reusable Water Bottle
  2. Reusable Coffee Mug
  3. Reusable Market Bag
  4. GreenUP Box Subscription (Great for beginners!)
  5. Experience Gifts
  6. Compostable Hair Ties
  7. Organic Cotton Scrunchie or Headband
  8. Eco-friendly Makeup (it’s refillable!)
  9. Plants or Plant Babies
  1. Wool Socks
  2. Reusable Travel Cutlery
  3. Homemade Meal
  4. Fun Drinks (Sparkling grape juice, wine, champagne, etc.)
  5. Drink Mixes (Hot cocoa mix, cocktail mix, spice packet for mulled cider, etc.)
  6. Pre-made recipe jars (cookie mix, brownie mix, soup mix, etc.)
  7. Spice Mixes
  8. Framed Photos
  9. Foldable silicone straw
  10. Local honey/jam/etc
  11. Homemade cookies or candy
  12. Reusable stainless steel airtight containers
  13. Plantable colored pencils
  14. Cork overed notebook/planner
  15. Wood Cutting Board
  16. Local CSA subscription
Zero waste grocery haul eco-friendly gift ideas eco-friendly gift ideas
  1. Bulk or plastic free chocolates
  2. Coffee
  3. Gift cards to restaurants
  4. Sunglasses from recycled water bottles
  5. Bath bomb or bath salts
  6. Linen napkin set
  7. Silicone Zip Top Bags
IMG 4410 scaled eco-friendly gift ideas eco-friendly gift ideas
  1. Homemade Elderberry Syrup
  2. Hat and mittens made from old sweater
  3. Recycled metal state bottle opener
  4. Fresh Flowers
  5. Unpaper towels
  6. Garden seed starter kit
  7. Cocktail Grow Kit
  8. Kitchen Scrubbers (best ever!)
  9. Adorable recycled crayons
  10. Cork Yoga Mat
  11. Subscription to an online course platform like Udemy or Skillshare

Add a comment with any additional eco-friendly or zero waste gift ideas you have come up with! I will continue to add to this list as ideas come in. Hope this give you some great low waste gift ideas!

Eco friendly gift ideas pin 2 eco-friendly gift ideas eco-friendly gift ideas

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